Sports Injuries

Playing sport regularly is a great way to stay healthy, keep your weight under control and ensure you are doing the best to take care of your mobility.

However, one of the risks of playing sport regularly is that of sustaining a sports injury. While sports injury occurs relatively infrequently, the impact it can have on someone who is normally very active, can be devastating.

You don’t have to be a top-flight professional sportsperson to be heavily affected by your injury. If you play your sport once or twice a week then having to avoid it for a long period of time – or give it up completely – can have a serious effect on your health. If you suffer from a sports injury while undertaking your chosen sport, your sports physio is the person you should turn to for help.

Your sports physio will be able to help you deal with the day-to-day management of your sports injury and will also be a useful expert to consult on the quantity and intensity of your ongoing sporting activity so that, as you recuperate, you grow stronger rather than risk causing lasting damage to part of your body.

Your physiotherapist will be able to examine you and accurately assess and diagnose your problem. He or she will also be able to help you to manage your sports injury so that you get back to fitness in the shortest possible time. Don’t let the pain you experience stop you from doing the activity you enjoy and that is otherwise good for you.

Jane Pascoe has a professional and friendly approach to assessing your sports injury and giving you the advice you need. With a physio practice in Falmouth, she plays several sports herself and is fully chartered meaning you get them most effective treatment if you need physio for sports injuries.

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