Spinal problems

Modern life brings with it many situations, as well as disease, that can contribute to the cause of spinal pain. The key to ensuring you do the best for your body is to spot back pain early, find out the cause and to take action as quickly as possible – this is where your chartered physiotherapist can help you.

People with neck, mid and low back pain can benefit from physiotherapy and it is often recommended that patients try physiotherapy before their doctor will consider more radical medical or surgical interventions.

A chartered physiotherapist will work to decrease a patient’s back pain while attempting to increase their range of function, will hope to find the cause of the problem and will teach them a maintenance program that will help them to prevent future back problems or spinal pain.

You can expect your physiotherapist to ask you many questions about your habits and lifestyle as he or she works to find out why you are experiencing the pain in a particular area. From her practice in Falmouth, Jane Pascoe offers physio to treat a wide variety of spinal problems.

A chartered physio will be interested in how you walk, if you carry a bag or lift things, how you sit and whether you get regular exercise. From these questions, they will be drill down into the root causes of your problems and will be able to offer appropriate treatment.

Your physiotherapist may use passive soft tissue treatments such as ultrasound and deep tissue massage followed by mobilisations to the joints.  She will then show you various exercises and stretches for the affected region in order to make the muscles work better to support the joints.  She may advise heat or ice to use at home.

Jane Pascoe is highly experienced in working with patients who have various types and levels of spinal pain and back pain. If you are experiencing back pain and need professional advice and treatment, we recommend you call her as soon as you can because it is important to act early to reduce your pain and limit the amount of damage to your body.

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