Jane Pascoe chartered physio in Falmouth

Jane Pascoe has been a chartered physio in Falmouth for more than 30 years. When you call, Jane aims to provide you with an appointment as swiftly as possible. This will include a thorough and professional examination followed by well-planned treatment. Jane will also aim to give you as much information as possible about the problem and after-treatment, she will give you exercises and advice to help with the management of your problem and prevention of further trouble.

Physiotherapy is the perfect way to limit damage and restore the normal movement.  In restoring the soft tissue and joint mobility the nutrition to the area is enhanced and the tissues can heal and remain healthy.


Covid 19

The Year of 2020 has been massively affecting for all of us. Having Locked down from March to June Jane opened up again with PPE and a whole raft of pre-treatment Covid requirements. She continued to treat patients for the remainder of the year save November’s Lockdown. From January 2021 she will continue her work provided that the Government’s rules allow.

It is entirely normal for our soft tissues to naturally lose elasticity as we go through life.  As the tissues tighten everyday activities become strained. The process usually occurs over time, so is not sudden and obvious.  Small adaptations begin such as using car mirrors instead of twisting one’s neck when reversing. Twisting the whole body around to see as the neck won’t move as freely as before.  Sitting down to reach the foot to put socks on.  It is important to prevent these small issues becoming problematic and giving pain. This is where physiotherapy will make a huge difference to one’s life.  Where pain has already become an issue, physiotherapy treatment will first aim to alleviate this with soft tissue treatment and joint manipulation and then address the underlying tightness by guided exercise and stretches.