Soft-Tissue Pain Relief

Physiotherapy can be a valuable route to relieving painful conditions and if you live with acute or chronic pain your physiotherapist will often be able to give you exercises that will put you in control of your pain.

Through the process of finding out about your lifestyle and working through your problems and where you feel the pain, your physiotherapist can recommend exercises and movement that will help.

If you need soft-tissue pain relief or muscular pain relief, it’s worth calling a chartered physiotherapist in order to find out what you can to tackle it. A physiotherapist may well be able to help you to cope with the pain by using various strategies.

Jane Pascoe regularly works with patients to help them control their own pain while encouraging normal movement patterns.  By making use of the very sport or activity which that patient may feel is impossible she can turn what may be a hopeless situation into one which is hopeful. Physio can lessen the need for dependence on drugs and often makes the patient feel they have taken control of their situation. Contact Jane if you would like to find out more about her physio practice in Falmouth.

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