Physio for Dance Injuries

Dancers, whether professional or recreational, tend to get injured from time to time. Like other athletes, they are dedicated to their trade and love both the art and the social side of their chosen exercise. Dancers are highly specialist in the moves they perform and put in many hours of practice, repeating complex movement routines until they reach perfection. This has the potential to cause injury and it is vital that dancers keep a very close eye on the condition of each part of their body and, crucially, do not start to ignore pain and inflammation.

Often dance footwear brings with it challenges, and dancing with bare feet is decidedly challenging. The terrain can pose a legion of further problems for the dancer. Not every dancer gets to perform on a sprung, purpose-built floor. Streets, woodland, sloping fields and gardens can be uneven and jarring.  Injuries in dancers are common and need to be dealt with sensitively and quickly.

Jane is experienced in working with dancers and can help no matter what type of dance-related injury the dancer has. She understands the pressure to be back at work as quickly as possible and can help educate the dancer in how to lessen the impact on certain parts of the body and how to ensure that the body is looked after as well as possible before and after each practice and performance.

If a dancer doesn’t take care of his or her body, it is unlikely that the dancer will be able to rely on it to perform to the high standard that they require of it. Often performing simple, regular procedures can help avoid injury and lessen the impact of this highly-stressful activity on the body. Jane treats dancers from her practice in Falmouth, UK. Please use the contact button to get in touch.

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